Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Big Boys!

Today I am going to show you some of the big airliners I saw at LAX! The first airplane is a China Eastern A340-600. That airplane was massive!!! It was also very loud. The Second aircraft is a Delta 747-400 just about to takeoff on runway 25R. I was amazed when I saw the wingspan of that thing! The last aircraft is a United 767. It's one of my favorite airplanes! Enjoy the blog! I won't be able to make a blog post next weekend because I'm going to be out of town :)

China Eastern A340-600 Shot at LAX.

Delta 747-400 Shot at LAX.
United 767 Shot at LAX.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

San Diego!

Today I have one picture and a couple of videos that were shot at San Diego International airport. The picture of a United Airbus A320 that is about to takeoff on runway 27. The first video is a Delta 757 landing at San Diego International airport. It was the largest aircraft I saw that day. The last video is a United CRJ also landing at San Diego International airport. enjoy the blog!

United Airbus A320. Shot at San Diego.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Blue Skies!

Today we have three more photos shot at 25R at LAX. The first aircraft is a jetBlue A320. I posted a picture of an Airbus A320 because it is one of my favorite airplanes. I am also interested in the design of the aircraft. The second photo is an American 737. I also like this aircraft because it is small. Like the A320, I am fascinated how these two jets only need two tires on each side of the landing gear. Last but certainly not least is a Continental 757-300. I decided to post this picture today because I usually don't see the 757-300's at LAX. I usually don't see Continental 757-200's but it makes it even better that it was a 757-300. I also forgot to mention that I only create new posts on weekends! Enjoy!

jetBlue A320 Shot at LAX.

American 737 Shot at LAX.

Continental 757-300 Shot at LAX.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


I've loved airplanes for quite awhile now and thought I'd make a blog for anyone who is interested in them. From 727's to A380's I'll try my best to upload as many photos and videos as I can. I have hundreds of photos that are ready to be posted, so check back frequently to get the latest media and updates that have been added to the site. Enjoy!

American 777-200 Shot at LAX.

United 757-200 Shot at LAX.

Southwest 737 Landing on 24R.